Nursery to Reception (FS1 – FS2) Transition Portal

School Transition has worked closely with Early Years’ practitioners, schools, practitioners and support organisations to a develop a secure portal to support children transitioning from nursery into primary school.  By working closely with practitioners, we have created a holistic, easy-to-use, cohesive platform to improve transition outcomes in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The portal aims to improve communication between childminders, PVIs, preschools, maintained nurseries and schools, allowing for a centralised process which is standardised across all provisions using the Transition Portal. The portal also allows for settings to highlight children who may need additional support during the transition process, giving schools early awareness of their needs, enabling them to provide the best possible support.

Through the support of the School Transition team, we reduce the administration time for both early years’ settings and primary schools. School Transition provide full project management, engaging stake holders and actively encouraging all feeder settings to provide information in a timely manner. In turn, by having only one standardised way to communicate information about children leaving their care, this also ensures that settings also benefit from the reduced administration burden.

Using the Nursery to Reception Transition Portal helps to support the outcome of ensuring that children are well-known at their destination school. The portal provides a means to collect transition data, which means early years providers and schools can then work collaboratively to focus their time on actioning the data to plan the best possible transition.

The portal incorporates key areas of learning, characteristics of effective learning and early intervention indicator flags to ensure that children starting their first year in primary school get off to the best possible start. Additional features, such as the ability for settings and primary schools to share pictures of children, attach documents and securely message each other, enhance communication at a key time in a child’s learning journey.