As a destination school, primary schools attract the following benefits from using the Transition Portal to collect information about their upcoming primary pupils


Reduced administration. The Portal reduces the need for School Administrators to send out individual forms to collect data about pupils.

Increased efficiency – pupil information is collated in one place, with the ability to see at a glance which children still need information uploaded.

GDPR and Data Protection (2018) secure, no risking data breeches through sending of unencrypted emails or handwritten notes.

Visual clues for pupils that may need additional support through flagged fields.

Ability to arrange virtual meetings to learn more about pupils, including a “notes” field to store key information that may be discussed.

Reporting to enable to the tracking of pupils.

Early information to inform, data begins to be available from the March before September.

We welcome ideas for bespoke development and improvements and love hearing from schools about what they’d like to see in a Nursery to Reception Transition Portal.

Find Out More – Nursery to Reception (FS1 – FS2) Transition Portal

In addition to the benefits above, primary schools also gain further benefits from using the Transition Portal as a feeder school.


No need to fill out different forms for each different destination secondary school. Instead the Transition Portal has one easy to use form, which is completed for every pupil that can be easily accessed for collaborative working.

We offer more than just data. The Transition Portal opens up access to a secure messaging and meetings system, resources and secure file transfer between schools using our services.

Clear, easy to use interface with clear representation of which pupils have their information completed.

Information moves with a pupil, meaning that no information is lost to the destination school and no need to refill information if a pupil changes their year 7 destination.

Pupil focused approach with the option to flag pupils at risk to focus the attention for the destination school.

Our team build relationships with Transition Portal users and provide centralised tracking, support and encouragement with engagement to ensure maximum participation. Full technical support for users provided by experienced Link ICT technicians.