Through analysis of evidence, the creators of the “KS2 to KS3: Building cross-phase understanding” project knew that disciplinary literacy is integral to pupils making progress across every curriculum area as skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are fundamental to understanding every subject.

In the video below, Michelle Garton of Wyndham Primary Academy explains why they chose English as the predominant area of focus for their project, the aims of the project, how it was delivered and also future dates for collaboration in 2021.

As a result of the project, colleagues have developed networks and professional relationships with their feeder schools through initially meeting face to face. This has helped to develop relationships between primary/secondary colleagues as well as an understanding of what the curriculum currently looks like for Year 6 and Year 7 pupils in different schools. Colleagues now have a deeper understanding of research, evidence and pedagogy related to English, with specific focus on reading, which will support them to develop their own practice during the transition period to ensure that pupils are best supported as they transition between key stages and schools.

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After the first face to face session, feedback was collated which suggested that colleagues enjoyed the time being able to network with each other and develop their understanding of each Key Stage as well as the information being underpinned by research. Due to this, the next session will focus on the best bests in research, then use of breakout rooms for discussion and culminate in a coaching session between feeder schools and the facilitators to continue to develop relationships and next steps in English between schools.